Supply and Disposal Solutions

Supply and Disposal Solutions

Pipe and Sewer Materials • Trenchless Technologies • Utility Tunnelling • Intelligent Urban Grids • Asset Management • Rehabilitation • Pumping and Compressor Stations • Operation and Maintenance • Sewer Cleaning •  Inspection and Leak Detection • Waste Collection • District Cooling • Risk Management • Life Cycle Management • etc.

Production and Treatment Solutions

Production and Treatment Solutions

Planning and Design • Centralised vs. Decentralised Systems • Groundwater Exploration • Raw Water Quality • Artificial Recharge • Integrated Water Resources Management • Desalination • Progress in MSF and Membrane Filtration • Waste Water Treatment • Sludge Treatment and Disposal • Appropriate Irrigation Technologies • Reuse of Treated Waste Water • Recycling • Waste Management and Incineration • Soil Protection • Landscaping • Intelligent Buildings • etc.

Transport and Logistic Solutions

Transport and Logistics Solutions

Planning and Construction of Rails and Roads • Crossings, Tunnelling, Bridges • Harbours • Airports • Asphalt Coating • Trams and Stations • Traffic Management • Traffic Detection Sensor Technology • Traffic Control and Information Systems • Passenger Information Systems • Fare Management • Congestion Charging Models • Rail Vehicles for Passenger and Freight Transport • Vehicle Maintenance • Mobility • etc.

Pipeline Solutions

Pipeline Solutions

Onshore and Offshore • Line Pipe Materials • Trenchless Technologies • Rehabilitation • Pumping and Compressor Stations • Operation and Maintenance • In-line Inspection • Coating • Third Party Impact • Risk Management • Life Cycle Management • Public Perception • etc.

Supply and Disposal Solutions
Production and Treatment Solutions
Transport and Logistic Solutions
Pipeline Solutions
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Infrastructure North Africa 2014 - Call for PapersAfter the success of the first Infrastructure North Africa (INA) 2013 conference & exhibition and following an initiative of the Tunisian Government it gives me great pleasure to announce INA 2 which will take place in Tunis for the second time in November 2014.

European, North African and global companies are encouraged to be part of this unique event becoming involved and bringing forward solutions for the revitalization of the infrastructures in North Africa.

INA 2 is a great chance to make an impact on pressing challenges such as:

  • The production and treatment/usage of energy and water
  • Supply and disposal of water, gas, waste water and solid waste
  • Pipes and Sewers
  • Trenchless Technologies
  • Renewable Energies
  • Pipeline transportation of oil and gas
  • Logistics and transportation of goods and people

You will join people at the conference and exhibition for intense discussions as well as informative and high-quality congress sessions. There will be delegates from research institutions, companies, governments and councils, experts from North Africa and Europe as well as universities.

INA 2 is a chance to explore ideas together, debate new concepts and discuss practical applications.

The coordination of content of the conference will be carried out in an advisory committee which is represented on the European side by professional organizations and consultants. The North African states will shape the conference through their competent authorities concerned in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Morocco and Mauritania.

INA continues to be a valuable opportunity for professionals to contribute to the development of our industry and a better future for our societies. The inspirations for the conference program and exhibition have several new initiatives and promise benefits for all participants.

We are looking forward to your active participation in INA 2014.

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19-20 November 2014
Hôtel Le Palace, Tunis


Call for Papers

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