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STEG - Tunisian Company for Electricity and Gas

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The Tunisian Company of Electricity and Gas is a public company with an industrial and commercial nature. Founded in 1962, its mission is the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity and gas in Tunisia.

By the end 2011, it has a fleet of power generation with a total capacity of 4024 MW, fed 99% natural gas, a national network of electricity transmission 5953 km and a distribution network extends to 149 112 km. For gas, the network reaches 2 226 km for transport and 11 647 km for distribution.  

It manages 3,282,521 electricity customers and 592,655 for gas. STEG is a company that is always listening to its customers to meet their needs and expectations electric energy and gas in the best cost, quality and safety.

Technological choices of STEG are based on finding the best compromise between the requirements of reliability, availability, cost and environmental respect. In this context, it focuses on the introduction, development and management of renewable energy ie wind and solar energy.

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19-20 November 2014
Hôtel Le Palace, Tunis


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